Friday 13.10 22h30 Arsenic
Sunday 15.10 16h30 Arsenic

Matt Pizzolo, 2006, USA, 80’, 16mm (projection DVcam), VO-St

Jim, a white straightedge homeless punk, and Fred, a young black hip-hop revolutionary, spend their lunch breaks at St. Mark’s Comix together. Overwhelmed by the violence that surrounds them, the two form a friendship despite the fact that they come from different worlds. Jim's friends, a crew of noble but misguided kids, learn that a friend was killed by a drunk driver. In their rage and frustration, they form a gang called OLD (One Less Drunk), intent on stopping drunk drivers before they get to their cars. As the tension and intolerance of modern America reach a melting point in downtown New York City, a misunderstanding between One Less Drunk's leader and a friend of Fred's turns violent. When that violence is mistaken for being racially motivated, it escalates into a full-scale riot.
In his early 20’s, Matt Pizzolo founds King’s Mob, a DIY crew of blood thirsty filmmakers. Threat is their first project. And an ambitious one. Shot in total illegality in New York’s filthiest streets, the directing appears like pure guerrilla filmmaking. The youth of the street, fascinated by their activity, came down to join the crew. At the end, a 200 people team full of disillusioned kids living in poverty injected its anger in the film. The music is adequate: Minor Threat, Alec Empire, Otto von Schirach, Hecate, and more, illustrating the fierce temper of this film that has been accused to glorify violence and class conflicts by some good thinking press.
Matt Pizzolo: After directing the Atari Teenage Riot's Rage video, Matt wrote the first draft of Threat after dropping out of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts while living out of a backpack in NYC’s Lower EastSide. During Threat ‘s post-prod, he founded the DiY-Fest, which was integrated into the popular Van’s Warped Tour. Matt is now working on his DVD & soundtrack label Halo8 Destructions.