Short films experimental 1

Thursday 12.10 22h30 Cinématographe
Sunday 14.10 16h00 Cinématographe

New York Zero Zero

Jérôme Schlomoff, France, 2006, Français, 35mm, 21’
This film shows New York as a devastated world after an upheaval.  Filmed with a homemade camera 35mm camera, the city seems broken, abandoned



[desir're:] - the Goldstein reels

Unknown, Allemagne/USA, 2005, anglais & allemand, 35mm, 4’
In an old celluloid film box from the estate of Jack Goldstein, there is a super8 footage from which place, time and authorship cannot be dated.


Telemach Wiesinger & Wolfgang, Allemagne, 2004, sans dialogue, 35mm, 15’
This film is a poem about the sea and a visual invitation to contemplate the landscape made of waves along the coastline with a Misato Mochizuki’s soundtrack.



Christina von Greve & C. Schulz, Allemagne, 2006, sans dialogue, 35mm, 10’

Watch the flicker move…

Torchlight Tango

Kerry Laitala, USA, 2005,  sans dialogue, 16mm, 20’
Kerry Laitala compresses time and expands light refractions to teeter between frantic and frozen moments revealing the filmmaking process to be a solitary endeavor of intimate tactility.

Flying Saucey

Marie Losier, USA, 2006, sans dialogue, 16mm, 9’
A giant pot is landing from the sky and 20 winsome damsels are landing on planet earth with 280 pounds of spaghetti. A battle for sauce and survival ensues.

Flying Saucey

The influence of ocular light perception on metabolism in man and in animal

Thomas Draschan & Stella, Autriche, 2005, sans dialogue, 16mm, 6’,
A footage of pictures with strong visual impact which uses an Italian sixties softporn soundtrack.


Steve Party / Karène Lefèbre, Canada, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 7’
Imbrogilio is an  homage to beauty and sexuality.  A crude and lyric poem that will transport you in a floating, sensual and wild universe.

Night Walk

Fabienne Gautier, France, 2004, sans dialogue, vidéo, 7’
An super8 improvised walk through Paris at night.

The Walking Ink

Thomas Barndt, USA, 2005,  sans dialogue, Anglais, 7’
A mechanic gains superhuman powers after eating a hot pepper. Dogs speak and sharks live in the desert.