Short films experimental 2

Friday 13.10 18h15 Cinématographe
Sunday 15.10 18h30 Cinématographe


Paul Kirps, Luxembourg, 2004-2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 10’
Autoreverse is composed of 5 sequences that show decomposing and recomposing machines made from recycled electric household appliances.


Kotaro Tanaka, Japan, 2006, sans dialogue, vidéo, 10’30’’
Pictures in this film don’t have notion of the beginning and ending, but have the amazing property of changing space.

Copenhagen Cycles

Eric Dyer, Danemark/USA, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 6’30’’
A bicyclist travels through a collaged reconstruction of Copenhagen. The film combines pre-cinema zoetrope with digital video technology.

Shangai Shangai

Zhenchen Liu, France, 2006, sans dialogue, vidéo, 11’30’’
The film confronts three types of images : utopian images of the city, metaphorical images and «real» images from today.


Joe Nanashe, USA, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 2’
A camera is tossed from the 6th floor of a building. Visions of the camera last seconds before impact with the street are slowed down, each image become a painting.

Nothing Girl

Pierre Daudelin, Canada, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 12’
Karen spends most of her time wasting it. Aldo works in a junkyard.  They’ve seen each other often enough without getting to know each other.

A girl named Kai

Kai Ling Xue, Canada, 2004, Anglais, vidéo, 8’30’’
Through a stirring poetic mix of video and sound, Kai appeals to her traditional Taiwanese parents for acceptance in spite of her nonconformist take on life and love.


Mihai Grecu, France, 2006, sans dialogue, vidéo, 7’30’’
6 personages. Their gestures affect the air and the density of the objects.  The disease, anguish take physical forms, become monsters, parasitic objects, tortured faces…


Pierre-Yves Cruaud, France, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 6’
To disengage of luminous assaults.  To fight the revelation attempts.  To cling, resist, leave only some tracks.


Lia, Miguel Garvalhais, Pedro Tudela
Portugal, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 6’30’’

This film is a mutant piece for a space where images and sounds are mechanically juxtaposed in a common integration.

Amelita Destruction

Potter-Belmar Labs, USA, 2004, sans dialogue, vidéo, 4’30’’
This film is a segment of a live set, during which the prevailing order begins to suffer an epic collapse.

Hang Time

Museng Fisher, Suisse, 2006, sans dialogue, vidéo, 3’
A tout around space and time.


Stéphane Broc, France, 2005, sans dialogue, vidéo, 3’40’’
Birth of fish to the birth of men, how learning to breathe outside deep water.