Concert LUFF :: horaires

Pour toutes les soirées LUFF, le portes s'ouvre dès 22h00 pour se fermer vers 4h00. Nous communiquons l'ordre de passage des artistes que lors de la soirée, donc venez tôt, il serait dommage de manquer une performance.

Pour les noctambules qui utilisent les transports en commun, tous les horaires sont disponibles ici.

Le lieu

Tous les concert du LUFF ont lieu au Casino de Montbenon, salle des fêtes.

11. october: Industrial Poetry Night

The musical nights of LUFF 06 are opening on a short history of cultural putrefaction, with this meeting of the “Grandes Marquises” of decadence and pop terrorism. Making fun of fascist symbols – like Genesis P-Orridge or Gabi Delgado – or the obscene – Lydia Lunch – they lay themselves bare, with words, between ecstasy and agony. or Gabi Delgado – or the obscene – Lydia Lunch – they lay themselves bare, with words, between ecstasy and agony.

Antoine Chessex
Thee Majesty
Lidya Lunch

12. octobrer: Infra Noise Night

« Hear with your body. This is not about music. » Scott Arford & Randy H.Y. Yau’s Manifesto.

The little story of putrefaction progresses during this second night with sound decomposition: Senses and dissonances are the main themes. Beyond noise, the sound solidify itself and becoms a physical force, visible, penetrating bodies and consciousnesses through performances, often as idiotic as absurd!

GX Jupitter
Randy H. Yau

13. october: Electro Golden Shower Night

A night dedicated to the alternative electronic music scene.

This is one for the freaks, those willing to explore the fringes of good taste, or those who simply fancy dancing the night away while discovering new, unexpected sounds.

Patric Catani
Miss Pussycat

Performance et créations vidéo assurées par la Supermafia.

14 Octobre : Son of a Beat Night

From the legendary icons of the independant rap scene of Wordsound’s label to the « Sid Vicious of techno » Kid 606, through to the « renegade turntablist » DJ / rupture and hip-hop futurists Shadow Huntaz, the LUFF invites for a night the underground side of America’s new urban culture.

Kid 606
DJ / Rupture
Hidden K
20 Minutes
Etat de Vaud
Party News
Parisienne People
Fondation Sandoz
Ville de Lausanne
Loterie Romande
SRO Kundig